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“Wielding huge swords, these troop attack in broad arcs, potentially cutting down many enemies at once in front of the Doppelsöldner. They deal double damage to Cavalry.”

General Information[]

The Doppelsöldner is an Event Troop from Events, Chest, or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics.

Doppelsoldner Army

Historical Description[]

Doppelsöldner were an elite class of Landsknecht, German mercenaries widely employed during the Renaissance. Their name literally mean 'double-soldier' as they were entitled to double pay. While the pike were perferred by most Landsknehts, some doppelsöldner wielded massive two-handed sword historically called doppelhanders or bidenhanders (better known today as zweihanders). Front-line soldier used these surprisingly light greatswords to create hole in pike wall by knocking aside enemy polearms or even looping off the upsecured head of lower-quality weapons. Many bidenhanders also had secondary grips above the crossguard to allow for controlled thrusting attack as well as chopping swings


Level Hitpoints Health icon DPS Damage DPS against Cavalry Damage Training Cost Food Troops/Army TroopSpace
1 346 126 253 3,000 2
2 1,200 530 1,060 2,000 4
3 1,700 750 1,500 3,000 5
4 1,800 780 1,560 6,000 7
? 1,800 780 1,560 6,000 ?
8 4,284 1,564 3,128 9,000 8