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“These quick-firing tanks periodically set the ground on fire using an incendiary attack that deals damage to defenders.”

General Information[]

Duster Tank is an event troops from Events, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics.

Duster Tank Army Duster Tank Sale

Historical Description[]

The M42 Duster anti-aircraft land vehicle was first produced in 1952 and entered U.S. Army service the following year. It sported twin 40mm Bofors autocannons mounted on a rotating turret. The vehicle's excellent suspension and high ground clearance allowed it to cross trenches, climb low obstacles, and even survive land mine explosions.

Though jet engines were expected to render direct-fire weapons like the Bofors cannons obsolete, the new HAWK missile air defense systems turned out to have trouble hitting close-range targets. Therefore, M42s were deployed to Vietnam to protect against low fliers. They proved ineffective at air defense but turned out to be devastating anti personnel weapons. Few Viet Cong ground troops who had faced a Duster once were willing to tangle with a second.


Level Health Health icon Damage Per Second Damage DPS Against Defenders Damage Incendiary Attack Damage Troops/Army TroopSpace
1 2,015 114 228 Deals 10% hitpoints per second 2
2 2,622 176 352 2
3 3,597 218 436 2
8 26,316 836 1,672 2