“These siege units fire shots from a distance, dealing good damage to enemy buildings. They're completely defenseless against enemy troops though, so escort them with archers and other troops.”

The Elite Artillery is a level 8 standard Ranged Siege unit unlocked in the Space Age. Its predecessor is the Heavy Artillery and can be upgraded to Honored Artillery. It is researched in the level 12 Armory.

General Information[edit | edit source]

  • Elite Artillery can do efficient damage on buildings from a distance. They attack the building that is closest to them.
  • Elite Artillery only targets buildings, not enemy troops, making them vulnerable and defenseless.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

The M107 self-propelled gun was one of two mobile artillery platforms that formed the backbone of America’s long range fire support during the Vietnam War. The M107 and the M110 howitzer filled slightly different roles but used the same lightly-armored chassis, facilitating mass production and air-mobility. The M107 boasted greater range and accuracy than its higher-caliber cousin, which were vital qualities in the jungles of Vietnam. The M107 saw further action during the Yom Kippur War and the Iraq-Iran War, and it continues to serve in militaries around the world.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Space Age unit upgrade.

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