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“While their shots do little to enemy buildings, these troops are experts at dealing with enemy foot troops. These unique Korean troops deal more damage!”

Elite Hwarang is a level 4 Korean unique Ranged Infantry unit unlocked in Classical Age. Its predecessor is Hwarang and can be upgraded to Royal Hwarang. This Korean unique unit replaces Archer. It is upgraded in level 4 Blacksmith.

General Information[]

  • Like all ranged infantry, Elite Hwarang can kill enemy infantry easily and quickly, as they have 4 times the damage to enemy infantry.
  • Elite Hwarang aren't efficient against enemy cavalry and buildings.
  • Elite Hwarang are ranged units and can destroy buildings over walls.
  • Elite Hwarang would attack the closest building on front of them but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • If there are enemy units nearby, Elite Hwarang would attack them.
  • As a Korean unique unit; the Elite Hwarang has 40% more damage than the standard Ranged Infantry.

Historical Description[]

Armed with the best available equipment by theirs patrons, the Elite Hwarang were also trained by Buddhist monks in martial arts. They fought to protect the Silla Kingdom (57 BC - 935 AD) from rival Korean kingdoms as well as from invading armies from China and Japan. The Hwarang were intrumental in the defeat of Goguryeo Kingdom, leading to the unification of the Korean Peninsula under Silla rule, and they also contributed to the expulsion of the Chinese Tang Dynasty in 676 AD.


Attacking Strategies[]

  • Elite Hwarang has low health; making them vulnerable to defenses. Use Heavy Infantry as meat shields to protect the Elite Hwarang.
  • Elite Hwarang is cheap and can be used to set off hidden enemy traps.
  • Use Elite Hwarang to protect heavy infantry from other infantry so your Heavy Infantry won't get distracted.
  • Since Elite Hwarang can deal more damage to foot troops, bringing some along with Heavy Infantry and/or Heavy Cavalry will help deal with pesky defending foot troops!
  • Make sure to keep the Elite Hwarang behind your 'meat shields' or away from danger.

Defensive Strategies[]

  • Elite Hwarang can be used as good Alliance Troops. One example is that they can shoot over walls to attack troops of the attackers forcing the troops to destroy the wall to kill them. Another thing is that they're good against other Heavy Infantry.


  • The Hwarang means "Flowering Knights"
  • The Hwarang gathered for all aspects of study, originally for arts and culture, and stemming mainly from Buddhism in educational institutions and social groups.
  • The Hwarang is known for their use of make-up, cosmetic decorations, and accessories.