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“Tactical Helicopter lets you deploy troops in area you normally can't. They will fly to the tapped location and allow you to deploy up to 15 troop space worth of troops.”

Mil Mi-6 is a standard level 3 Tactical Helicopter unit unlocked in Cold War Age. Its predecessor is Heavy Tactical Helicopter and can be upgraded to Veteran Tactical Helicopter.

General information[]

Heals troops and allows troop deployment inside enemy defenses

Historical Description[]

The Mil Mi-6 ‘Hook’ was a heavy transport helicopter and the largest helicopter at the time of its development. Flown for the first time in June 1957, it would go on to be used for various transport, utility, and firefighting duties within its lifespan. The ‘Hook’ would generally have a crew of 6: a pilot, co-pilot, navigator, flight engineer, a technician, and a radio operator. As well as being able to seat up to ninety passengers, the ‘Hook’ could alternatively transport over 40 individuals on stretchers.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Space Age unit upgrade.