Embassy Green

“Form powerful Coalitions that will strengthen your War Base and attacking troops during World Wars!”

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

  • The Embassy lets you buy Coalitions with National Trade Goods that help during World Wars.
  • It initially appears as a ruined building and it can be repaired starting in the Medieval Age in order to unlock its functionality.
  • Upgrading it can increase the capacity of Coalitions.
  • Unlike the standard buildings, you cannot move it.
  • The Embassy cannot be destroyed in battles.
  • Coalitions can be formed while the Embassy is being upgraded; but they must be formed via the war screen instead of from the Embassy itself.

Historical Description Edit

A foreign Embassy is the official office of one country in the capital of another country. It is where the ambassador(representative) of the home country works and it is where most of the communication(talk) between the two governments happen.

Statistics Edit

Level Build Cost Food Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock XP Reward Exp Coalitions Unlocked Age Unlocked Coalition Capacity Storage
1 600,000 4 12h 1,115 Aztecs, Egyptians, Mongols, Maori Medieval Age 1
2 2,000,000 2d 1,630 Cherokee Gunpowder Age 2
3 3,500,000 4d 2,385 Indians Enlightenment Age
4 5,250,000 6d 2,980 Americans Industrial Age 3
5 6,500,000 8d 3,495 Russians Global Age
6 8,000,000 9d 3,725 Ethiopians Atomic Age
7 9,500,000 9d 21h 3,925 Filipinos Cold War Age

VIP Bonuses Edit

Building Upgrade Resource Cost

  • Level 9 : 5%
  • Level 12 : 10%
  • Level 15 : 15%
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