The Ethiopian Peacekeeper is a mercenary available at Mercenary Camp level 13.

General Information[edit | edit source]

These assiduously ranked infantrymen repeatedly fire at enemy defenders.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

Ethiopia has a strong history of engaging in global diplomacy stretching back to Haile Selassie and his famous doomed speech at the League of Nations protesting fascist Italy's invasion of his home. During the Korean War, Ethiopians fought with distinction for the United Nations as part of the Kagnew Battalions. Their first foray into peacekeeping came as part of the U.N. Operation in the Congo, where the 'blue helmets' tried to maintain stability with limited success.

Participation in these missions halted during the long Ethiopian civil War from 1974-1991, though the U.N. did not undertake many in that period anyway. Since the Rwanda, Darfur, South Sudan, and other war-torn parts of Africa have all seen blue helmets from Ethiopia. It is the worlds's top contributor of peacekeepers today with over 8,000 in uniform. Both Ethiopia and its neighbors have benefited from its leadership and its commitment to regional peace.

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