Factory Level 14

“A Factory lets you build and house advanced troops. Upgrade it to unlock new units.”

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

The Factory allows advanced units to be produced, and it can be built in the Enlightenment Age. Research needs to be carried out at the Blacksmith to upgrade Factory units. Factory units share the same troops capacity as Barracks Units that can be increased following the Barracks upgrade or Standing Army Technology research.

Constructing the 2nd Factory at Global Age also won't add Troops Capacity but will provide another production line for Factory. Each Factory can only produce units type up to its own building level. But the level of the units type, always refer to the last unit's upgrade at the Armory.

Researching Resistance Technology Chapter 4 in the Library will make the Factory produce Heavy Tanks on defense when destroyed. The troops level will depend on the highest Bunker Defenders level.

Statistics Edit

Buildings Quantity StatisticsEdit

Age Max Number of Factories
Enlightenment Age 1
Industrial Age
Global Age 2
Atomic Age
Cold War Age
Space Age
Digital Age
Information Age

Building StatisticsEdit

Level Build Cost Oil icon Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Needed XP Gain Exp HP Health icon Unit Available for Research Age Unlocked
130,0004d48502,500Gatling GunEnlightenment Age
3120,0007d3,2454,250Heavy TankIndustrial Age
4200,0009d3,7254,675BazookaGlobal Age
5210,00010d3,9505,175Armored Car
6230,00012d4,3656,250APCAtomic Age
7240,00013d4,5607,190Tactical Helicopter
8250,00013d 12h4,6558,265 MRLCold War Age
9260,00014d 12h4,8459,505 -
10265,00015d 12h5,03510,930 -Space Age
11270,00016d 12h5,22012,510 -
12275,0005,25015,305? -Digital Age
13 280,000 17d 5,280 17,425? -
14 285,000 17d 12h 5,350 - Information Age


The Standing Army Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses to the Factory:

  • Chapter 1: Increases troop capacity by 2.
  • Chapter 2: Increases troop capacity by 3.
  • Chapter 3: Increases troop capacity by 5.
  • Chapter 5: Increases troop capacity by 5.

The Resistance Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Factory:

  • Chapter 4: Factory produces Heavy Tank when destroyed

The Microprocessor Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Factory:

  • Chapter 3 : Reduce unit's training time by 10%

The Romans get a 10% boost to army size (rounds down).

The French get a 20% reduction to training time.

The research of Sally Ride in the University confers the following bonuses to the Factory:

  • Factory Hitpoints: +3% Factory hitpoints (5 levels)

VIP Bonuses Edit

Building Upgrade Resource Cost

  • Level 9 : 5%
  • Level 12 : 10%
  • Level 15 : 15%

Factory Troop Training Time

  • Level 7 : 10%
  • Level 10 : 15%
  • Level 14 : 20%

Parliament Edit

Base Financing: Army

  • Reduce cost of Army building upgrades by 10,000 Oil (to a minimum of Free)

Trivia Edit

  • Upgrading the Factory unlocks new factory troop upgrades; while upgrading the Armory building is not required to upgrade them (e.g., an Atomic Age Armory can upgrade Digital Age troops if the base has one Digital Factory).
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