Farm Level 18

“Hunting is great for a primitive society, but when you need a LOT of food, you'll want to start farming.”

Levels Edit

Graphic vary on the nation type from level 4 up to level 12.

From level 13, all nations have same design.

General InformationEdit

  • The Farm is first unlocked in the Bronze Age and it provides the player with Food.
  • Upgrading a Farm increases its Food production rate and its storage capacity.
  • The Crop Rotation Technology increases the Farm's production rate as well as the limit of Farms that you can build.
  • The Farm's Food production rate also gets a boost with Pyramids.
  • Attackers can steal half of the food stored in a farm, so collect from farms often.


Statistic Modifiers (These modify the base statistics below)
Crop Rotation chapters 1 and 3 increases the number of Farms by 1 (*)

The Pyramids increases food production of nearby farms by 20%

Chapter 2 of Crop Rotation increases food production of all farms by 5%

Researching Emperor Moctezuma Farm Production increses farm production by 10% per level (5 levels)

Age Number Available
Dawn Age -
Stone Age
Bronze Age 2
Iron Age4
Classical Age5
Medieval Age 6 (8)*
Gunpowder Age
Enlightenment Age
Industrial Age
Global Age
Atomic Age
Cold War Age
Space Age
Digital Age
Level Build Cost Gold icon Citizens Required Citizen Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp Production /hr Food[1][2] Storage Capacity Food HP Health icon Age Unlocked Payback in days (cost/extra production) Payback + Lost days of production[3]
150021m151548001,250Bronze Age0.140.14
43,2002h1956725,0001,715Iron Age0.730.84
630,00012h5201,03615,0002,060Classical Age6.878.43
8120,00020h690 1,42835,0002,845Medieval Age23.8127.68
10240,0002d1,1151,91865,0003,960Gunpowder Age35.7141.56
12700,0004d1,6302,478110,0005,625Enlightenment Age104.17127.72
131,000,0005d1,8452,758140,0005,850Industrial Age148.81184.21
151,800,00047d3,2453,318200,0006,600Global Age267.86332.96
172,800,0009d3,7254,200260,0008,200Atomic Age219.30274.46
194,200,00010d12h4,0555,780365,00011,360Cold War Age198.86257.33
215,400,00011d12h4,2657,990451,500?Space Age199.12268.93
22 ? ? ? 9,300 505,000 16,859
23 7,500,000 13d 4,500 10,700 560,000 19,100 Digital Age

Boosts Edit

The Crop Rotation Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to Farms

  • Chapter 1: +1 Farm limit
  • Chapter 2: +5% Farm harvest
  • Chapter 3: +1 Farm limit
  • Chapter 5: +5% Farm harvest

The Economic Stimulus Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to Farms

  • Chapter 1: +5% Farm harvest
  • Chapter 3: +5% Farm harvest

The Pyramids wonder confers these bonuses to Farms

  • Farm Boost: +20%

Emperor Moctezuma in the University confers these bonuses to Farms

  • Farm Production: Increases Farm production by +10% (5 levels)

Emperor Chief Hiawatha in the University confers these bonuses to Farms

  • Farm Upgrade Cost: Decreases Farm upgrade cost by -2% (5 levels)

Explanatory NotesEdit

  1. The Pyramids increases Food production of nearby Farms by 20%
  2. Chapter 3 of Crop Rotation increases Food production of all Farms by 5%
  3. From Level 13 to Level 14 It takes 6 days. In 6 days you produce 1,970X24X6=283,680 Then: (283,680/200)/24 = 59.1 extra days. This puts the Payback time from 291.7 to 350.8
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