Supersonic Fighter Mk4-6

The Supersonic Fighter Mk.6 is currently the highest level of fighter available in the game.

“Circle a target, performing 2 powerful strafing runs and suppresing buildings (causing them to operate slower). To deploy our aircraft, tap any building, or unit in enemy's base. When they've finished their attack, they may be redeployed.”

Fighters are the first type of air troop to use in the game DomiNations. They are excellent for taking down hordes of enemy units such as are Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry. They're unlocked in the Airstrip in the Industrial Age.

General Information Edit


The Biplane is the first level of standard Fighter aircraft available to the player. They're unlocked in the Industrial Age.

The standard A.I. of a Fighter is that it circles a target, performing 2 powerful strafing runs and suppressing defense buildings (causing them to operate slower). Fighters are good against heavy armored units such as Heavy Cavalry due to having 20 times more bonus damage against them. They are also extremely useful to suppress enemy defense buildings as they operate 50% slower when suppressed and can be easily taken down by your grounds units. However, Fighters can be taken down easily by an Air Defense or a Tower. The order of planes to attack is sorted by the amount of health in descending order, while the unused planes will be at the end of the list.

To deploy a Fighter, tap any building or unit in the enemy's base. When they've finished their attack, they take a few seconds to refuel, and when done, go to your unit bar for redeployment.

Fighters take up 1 space in the Airstrip. They are trained in 30 minutes. They have a range of 4.

Visuals Edit

Statistics Edit

Name Age AirStrip Level Hitpoints Health icon Damage Per Second Damage Cost Oil icon Upgrade Cost Oil icon Upgrade Time Clock Experience Gain Exp
Biplane Mk.1Industrial Age12,160187250 - - -
Biplane Mk.22,26819626545,0004 days1,112
Biplane Mk.32,38220627550,000
Triplane Mk.122,50121529055,0005 days1,258
Triplane Mk.22,62622630560,000
Triplane Mk.32,75623832070,000
Fighter Mk.1Global Age32,894242365140,0006 days1,395
Fighter Mk.23,032245415150,000
Fighter Mk.33,107249460160,000
Fighter Mk.43,330262485170,000
Fighter Mk.53,489276505180,000
Fighter Mk.63,678291535190,000
Strike Fighter Mk.1Atomic Age43,864300560200,0007 days1,515
Strike Fighter Mk.24,056308585210,000
Strike Fighter Mk.34,236320620220,000
Strike Fighter Mk.44,452336650230,000
Strike Fighter Mk.54,680353680240,000
Strike Fighter Mk.64,914371720250,000
Supersonic Fighter Mk.1Cold War Age55,160390735255,0007 days 12 hours1,575
Supersonic Fighter Mk.25,406408760260,000
Supersonic Fighter Mk.35,651426790265,000
Supersonic Fighter Mk.45,933447825265,0008 days1,630
Supersonic Fighter Mk.56,229470850265,000
Supersonic Fighter Mk.66,541494880265,000
Veteran Fighter Mk.1 Space Age 6 6,869 520 915 270,000 8 days 12 hours 1,685
Veteran Fighter Mk.2 7,213 545 990 270,000
Veteran Fighter Mk.3 7,574 570 1030 270,000
Veteran Fighter Mk.4 7,954 596 1070 275,000 8 days 12 hours 1,745
Veteran Fighter Mk.5 8,352 621 1115 275,000
Veteran Fighter Mk.6 8,770 645 1160 275,000

Boosts Edit

The Aviation Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses to the Fighters:

  • Chapter 1 : Increases Fighters attack by 10%.
  • Chapter 4 : Increases Fighters health by 10%.
  • Chapter 5 : Increases all Fighters health by 10%

Amelia Earhart at the University confers these bonuses to the Fighters:

  • Fighters Damage: +3% damage of Fighter aircraft (10 Levels).
  • Aircraft Upgrade Cost: -5% upgrade resource costs for Aircraft (5 levels).
  • Fighters Hitpoints: +6% hitpoints of Fighter aircraft (5 levels).

The Statue of Liberty wonder confers these bonuses to the Fighters:

  • Airstrip units damage: +20%
  • The Heritage at the Library Chapter 1 increases this airstrip units damage bonus from +20% to +22%.

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • Planes get hurt mostly because of the idle run (second run, finding nearby target if the original target got destroyed). Try to use the least number of planes needed, to preserve the health of your fleet.

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