First Aid

“Provides medical aid, healing your troops in an area until the supplies run out. Heals based on a percentage of a unit's max hitpoints, so it's stronger on high-health troops.”

General InformationEdit

  • First Aid is a Tactic that is unlocked when you first build the War Academy. It heals troops within a certain radius from where it is deployed.
  • Since it heals by % of max hitpoints instead of by a fixed amount, it is effective on high-hitpoint units like Generals and Heavy Cavalry but does little for troops with low hitpoints like Ranged Infantry.
  • The effect of First Aid is stackable. Example: If you have 2 level 1 First Aid and use them at the same time on the same target, it will be healed for 6% per heal instead of the normal 3% per heal.

Library / University BoostsEdit

  • Battle Tactics, Chapter 1 will increase the duration of this tactic by 20%.
  • Battle Tactics, Chapter 2 will increase the tactic's healing by 10%. (3,3% and 4,4% healing, not 13% and 14%)

VIP Bonuses Edit

War Tactics Traing Time

  • Level 7 : 10%
  • Level 10 : 15%
  • Level 15 : 20%


Strength Keeps your troops alive (especially Generals, Heavy Cavalry, and Heavy Tank)
Weakness Units with low max hitpoints are healed slower
Build time Clock 40m
Tactics Space TroopSpace 1
Level Cost Food Radius Range Heals Heal Duration Clock Pulse Clock Upgrade Cost Food Upgrade Time Clock XP Reward Exp War Academy Level
12,50053%8s1s - - -1
37,5004%1,400,0001d 20h7254
49,50012s2,750,0003d 15h1,0555
8 19s 8,165,000 11d 12h 2,180 9
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