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Flamma's Helmet

General Information[]

Flamma's Helmet is one of The Legendary War Artifacts, that can be stored and displayed at Museum.

Historical Description[]

Beyond what is written on his gravestone, little is known about the gladiator Flamma. In the arena, this Syrian man fought 34 battles, won 21 of them and drew 9 times. He was granted reprieve 4 separate times, which was the highest honor a gladiator could earn and would free them from captivity. Flamma refused all 4 opportunities of freedom, and each time declared he would continue life as a gladiator. Some believe he died in the arena, while others think we don’t have enough information to accurately guess where or what caused his death at 30 years old.

He fought as a Secutor, which means he was equipped with a small, rectangular shield and dagger or sword. They were uniquely armed and trained to fight Retiarius gladiators, which fought with a trident and net. Secutors had particularly smooth helmets so the Retiarius' net would not easily become ensnared, and the face shield of the helmet made it nearly impossible for a trident to go through the tiny holes.

His gravestone, made by a fellow gladiator named Delicatus, can be found in Sicily today. It reads:

Flamma secutor vixit annos XXX / pugnavit XXXIIII vicit XXI / stans VIIII missus IIII natione Syrus / huic Delicatus coarmio merenti fecit.


Benefit Name Base Stat
Guerrilla Damage +6%
Guerrilla Hitpoints +6%
Enemy Defender Spawn Time +3%
Increase Rally Duration +6%
Missile Silo and Big Red Button Damage +7%