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“Never give nor take an excuse.”

General Information[]

The Lady with the Lamp

Historical Description[]

Florence Nightingale was named after the city she was born in and grew up in a wealthy household where she excelled in academics. Florence’s parents wished for her to marry into high English society, though Florence had hopes of her own to refuse marriage and become a nurse.

During the 1800’s, nursing and battlefield medical practices were far below acceptable. Nurses were not trained properly, did not practice hygienic behavior and were sometimes known to be apathetic towards their patients. The Crimean War began in late 1853, and word had spread through England of the horrible situation regarding the war camp hospitals. In response, Florence gathered a group of nurses and set off to aid in the care of wounded soldiers. With new supplies, nutritious food and a rigorous sanitation protocol, the hospital’s death rate for patients would decrease from 40%, to 2%.

Florence and her nursing staff not only brought supplies and standards, but also a level of patient care that was not standard for the time. Florence Nightingale would often patrol the hospital at night with a lamp in hand, seeking to help anyone who needed it. It was these nightly patrols that caused patients to refer to Florence as “The Lady with the Lamp”.

After returning from the Crimean War, she presented her experiences and meticulous data gathered during the Crimean War to Prince Albert, a Royal Commision was formed to investigate and improve the healthcare standards of hospitals around the United Kingdom. Following her death in 1910, the Florence Nightingale Medal was created, which is awarded to nurses who go above and beyond to provide outstanding medical care. A holiday to celebrate nurses, International Nurses Day, was created in 1965 and occurs every year on May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Councilor Benefits[]

Primary Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Supply Cart Healing +8% +10% +12% +15% +20%
Defender Spawn Time -8% -10% -13% -16%
Enemy Missile Silo DMG -5% -7% -10%
Bazooka Attack Speed +11% +15%
All Def. Tower DMG & HP +6%

War Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Enemy Air Def. DMG -3% -4% -5% -6% -8%
Bomber DMG +4% +5% +7% +10%
Paratrooper HP +8% +11% +15%
Paratrooper DMG +7% +10%
Bomber DMG & HP +7%