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Forging Allegiance

Forging Allegiance is a 7-day event that specializes around the Voltigeur and the Consulate. There are a total of 5 steps in the event in order to receive the limited-time Consulate.

Historical Description[]

France is well known for forging powerful alliances. They made quite an impact by sending arms, ammunition and most importantly troops to support the American Revolution in the late 18th century. Their famous officer, the Marquis de Lafeyette, was so important to the revolution that he is considered to be a founding father of the United States. Donate troops to your allies and match the scope of his impact!

Objectives []

Forging Objectives

Step 1: Donate 40 troops

Step 2: Donate 100 troops

  • Reward: 375,000 food

Step 3: Donate 180 troops

Step 4: Donate 280 troops

  • Reward: 1,100,000

Step 5: Donate 400 troops

Recommended Buildings and Units[]

  1. Troops
  2. Blacksmith
  3. Alliance Gate