Castle lvl 9

“Powerful on the defense, a Castle also allows you to appoint a powerful General to lead your army!”

Levels Edit

General InformationEdit

  • The Fort (Castle) acts like a Tower when your town is under attack. Additionally, you can recruit a General who will act as a defender.
  • Upgrading the Fort / Castle increases its hitpoints and damage, as well as unlocks additional Generals and/or allows you to upgrade your Generals further.
  • When you deactivate a General, the cost is not refunded if you trained a second General with oil.
  • The Fort starts out as the Castle from level 1 & 2 and finally becomes the Fort at level 3.
  • After the 5.8 balance update, the defending Generals will spawn with 70% hitpoints if the Fort (Castle) is destroyed before they go out to defend,


Building StatisticsEdit

Level Build Cost Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp Unlocks General Max



Age Unlocked
1 850,000 Food4 2d ? Alexander, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc5 Medieval Age
2 2,000,000 Food 4d 2,385 Nobunaga10 Gunpowder Age
3 5,500,000 Food4 (3*) 5d 2,700 Napoleon20 Enlightenment Age
4110,000 Oil icon9d3,725 MacArthur30 Industrial Age
5190,000 Oil icon8 (7*)11d 6,090 Churchill 40 Global Age
6240,000 Oil icon12d6,390None50Atomic Age
7260,000 Oil icon13d6,675None60Cold War Age
8270,000 Oil icon14d6,950Zhukov70Space Age
9280,000 Oil icon15d 12h7,000Petra Herrera80Digital Age
Level Hitpoints Health icon Damage Per Second Damage Range Range

Defenders StatisticsEdit

Defender Type The active general(s), if any.

3 Ranged Infantry Defenders or 2 Machine Gun Infantry Defenders

First Wave Time 3s.
Number of Generals Available 1(+1 if Leadership Chapter 3, +1 if Command Chapter 4 is researched).

After Leadership Technology Chapter 2 and Command Technology Chapter 2 completed, Fort/Castle will spawn 2 Machine Gun Infantries as Defenders with every General spawned. The type of Machine Gun Infantries spawned depend on each Generals Level they spawned with. The Machine Gun Infantries are capable to shoot over Walls.

Generals Level Machine Gun Infantry Defenders Machine Gun Infantry's Hitpoints Health icon Machine Gun Infantry's Damage Per Second Damage
1 - 10Gatling Gun1,33977
11 - 20Heavy Gatling Gun1,42687
21 - 30Machine Gun1,750100
31 - 40Heavy Machine Gun2,012110
41 - 50Veteran Machine Gun2,620143
51 - 60Elite Machine Gun3,406187
61 - 70Valiant Machine Gun??

Combat Rebalance Stage Three made Base Hitpoints and Base DPS of Defending Troops differ from Army Troops.


The Leadership Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Fort/Castle:

  • Chapter 2: Gives Generals a defender retinue on defense.

The Command Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Fort/Castle:

  • Chapter 2: Upgrades Generals retinue defenders to Machine Gun Infantry Defenders.

The Citadels Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Fort/Castle:

  • Chapter 3: +20% Fort/Castle hitpoints

The research of Leader King Sejong in the University confers the following bonuses to the Castle/Fort:

  • Level 4 Fort Hitpoints: Increase 3% hitpoints per each skill level researched (10 Levels).

The research of Leader Hannibal Barca in the University confers the following bonuses to the Castle/Fort:

  • Level 3 Fort Reduce Citizens: -1 number of citizens required to upgrade this building. (1 Level)

The Terra Cotta Army wonder confers these bonuses to the Fort/Castle:

  • Increases the hitpoints of the Castle by 20% as long as it is nearby.
  • The Heritage at the Library Chapter 1 increases the hitpoint bonus from +20% to +22%.

VIP Bonuses Edit

Building Upgrade Resource Cost

  • Level 9 : 5%
  • Level 12 : 10%
  • Level 15 : 15%

Unlock General

Parliament Edit

Base Financing: Army

  • Reduce cost of Army building upgrades by 3,000 ~ 80,000 Food/Gold (to a minimum of Free)
  • Reduce cost of Army building upgrades by 10,000 Oil (to a minimum of Free)

Trivia Edit

  • The Castle is the only new building unlocked in the Medieval Age.
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