“Star-shaped forts became popular in the Gunpowder Age so defensive cannons could create interlocking field of fire.”


Fortification is a Level 3 Technology which increases the effectiveness of Garrisons as well as the number available.

General InformationEdit

Chapter Requirements Cost Gold icon Time XP Gain Description
1 Library Level 3
400,000 4h 520 Increases Garrison health by 20%
2 800,000 12h 760 Increases Garrison defender attack by 10%
3 1,200,000 1d 1,115 Increases Garrison limit by 1
4 1,600,000 1d 12h 2,301 +10% Garrison defender health
5 3,200,000 3d 3,370 -50% Garrison first wave spawn time
  • Notre Dame wonder and some Museum artifacts decreases the library research cost
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