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“Freedom Fighter good at destroying enemy buildings. Defensive building won't shoot them, due to the sneaky guerrilla tactics they use.”

The Freedom Fighter is a Mercenary Melee Infantry available at Mercenary Camp level 10. The previous mercenary of this type is the Gurkha and the next is Soldier of Fortune.

General Information[]

Freedom Fighters are sneaky soldiers good at destroying enemy buildings. They aren't professional troops but while their weapons are a bit weaker they make up for that by employing sneaky guerrilla tactics (which mean defensive buildings won't shoot them).

Historical Description[]

A freedom fighter is someone who fights against someone they consider a foreign occupying power. The term came into use in the decades after WWII, an era of decolonization and widespread uprisings imperial rule. Freedom fighters tend to engage in asymmetrical warfare against superior occupying forces and therefore resort to guerrilla tactics as the likelist means of achieving victory.