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The Tricolor. Flag of the Empires and Republics of France

The French is one of 8 nations of the mobile game of DomiNations. They have the Training and Friendship ability.

Building Style North European
Unit Style North European
Strategy Offensive

Nation Powers

Training and Friendship

  • Reduces the time it takes to train an army by 20%
  • French players can receive +3 Alliance Troops initially. They can receive +3 more in the Gunpowder Age

Benefits and Disadvantages


  • Troops are trained much more quickly
  • These unique Cavalry troops have much hit-points and deal more damage while minimizing causalities
  • More Alliance troops can help in attacks
  • The French are referred to one of the best nations in the game
  • The chevalier are arguably the very best of all the special units
  • French special unit is one of the best units to donate for multiplayer


  • No economic or defensive bonuses
  • Atomic age players can replace tanks with apc, so french tanks loses value
  • Unique troops become less and less valuable every age above Global Age
  • Faster retrains only apply to troops

Unique Units

The French Unique Heavy Cavalry units can inflict more damage on their enemies and have more health than a standard heavy cavalry unit. Click the images to go to the pages on the troop specified.