The Tricolor. Flag of the Empires and Republics of France

The French is one of 8 nations of the mobile game of DomiNations. They have the Training and Friendship ability.

Building Style North European
Unit Style North European
Strategy Offensive

Nation Powers

Training and Friendship

  • Reduces the time it takes to train an army by 20%.
  • French players can receive +3 Alliance Troops initially. They can receive +3 more in the Gunpowder Age.

Benefits and Disadvantages


  • Troops are trained much more quickly.
  • Cavalry troops have much more damage while minimizing causalities.
  • More Alliance troops can help in attacks. The French are referred to one of the best nations in the game. The chevalier are arguably the very best of all the special units.
  • French special unit is one of the best units to donate


  • No economic or defensive bonuses.
  • Atomic age players can replace tanks with apc, so french tanks loses value

Unique Units

The French Unique Heavy Cavalry units can inflict more damage on their enemies and have more health than a standard heavy cavalry unit. Click the images to go to the pages on the troop specified.


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