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G.C.I. Radar


“Summons an allied fighter aircraft that fires a missile at the first enemy aircraft unit in range, dealing area of effect damage to all nearby enemy aircraft. This trap does not target ground troops.”


General Information[]

  • The G.C.I. Radar (Ground-controlled interception Radar) is a trap that is triggered by nearby Aircraft. When triggered, it would strike the Aircraft with missiles severely damaging it.
  • It is unlocked in the Information Age
  • It requires 2 citizens to build or upgrade.
  • They are considered the most important defense in the game; attackers fear them more than any other defense. When scouting a base for an alliance mate, locating them is the most important scouting measure
  • They also target helicopters and drones; so any flying objects; including the general Zhukov and Offensive Drone

Historical Description[]

Ground Controlled Interception (GCI) is an air defense tactic that has been used by militaries around the World since World War I. It involves using radar systems to communicate with aircraft, warning and guiding them to incoming aerial threats. Due to the offensive power spike provided by the player’s second Airstrip building in the Atomic Age, we wanted to explore how Ground Controlled Interception could be used in DomiNations to help defend against Air units in the late game.

Defensive Strategies[]

  • These are good to place near important defensive buildings including but not limited to the rocket arsenal, bunkers, and the Burj Al Arab, because the enemy will likely try to deploy fighters to deal with the defenders coming out of them


Size 1x1
Aircraft Range 10 Range
Damage Type: Area Splash DamageType
Splash attack radius 3 Range
Age Number Available
Information Age 2(3)
Drone Age 3(5)
Level Build Cost Oil icon Re-Arm Cost Gold icon Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Needed Citizen Defender Type Aircraft Damage Damage Aircraft Damage Max Experience Gain Exp Age Unlocked
1 94,500 15d 12h 2 Interceptor Aircraft 8,942? 10,730 4,150 Information Age
2 109,000 16d? 9,936? 11,923 4,565
3 123,500 16d 12h? Spearhead Interceptor Aircraft 11,091? 13,309 5,580 Drone Age


Council Committees[]

  • ?

Council Councilors[]

  • ?

Library Technology[]

  • Aerial Interception
    • Ch. 1 = Increases Damage of GCI Radar Aircraft by 10%
    • Ch. 2 = Increases Flight Speed of GCI Radar Aircraft by 35%
    • Ch. 3 = Increases GCI Radar Limit by 1
    • Ch. 4 = Increases Damage of GCI Radar Aircraft by 10%
    • Ch. 5 = GCI Radar Cannot be Disabled by Satellites

Parliament Laws[]

  • Base Financing: Defense
    • Reduce cost of Defense building upgrades by 10,000 Oil (to a minimum of Free)



  • Harriet Tubman
    • Traps upgrade Time: Decreases the time of upgrading Traps by 1% (10 levels).
    • Traps upgrade Cost: Decreases the cost of upgrading Traps by 1% (10 levels).
  • Nikola Tesla
    • G.C.I. Radar Building Limit: Increases the amount of G.C.I. Radars you can have by 1.


VIP Bonuses[]

  • Building Upgrade Resource Cost
    • Level 9: 5%
    • Level 12: 10%
    • Level 15: 15%