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“Eisenhower strikes hard from the sky with his rocket launcher. When Eisenhower's hitpoints are reduced to 0, he will parachute from his helicopter, and will fight from the ground with full health!”

General Information[]

The General Eisenhower is an Event Troop from Events, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics.


General Eisenhower act like a General on the battlefield with very high hitpoints and damage. He has a high advantage when fighting other Generals in battle.

Historical Description[]

The future 34th President of the United States was born in Texas in 1890. Dwight Eisenhower first started at West Point and eventually applied to the army’s graduate school where he went on to finish first in his class. He then served as an aide to John J. Pershing and Douglas MacArthur. During World War II he guided the victorious war effort and oversaw occupation forces in Germany and the demobilization of U.S. soldiers at home. Following a brief tenure as president of Columbia University he became the inaugural commander of NATO in 1950.

Though initially reluctant, he sought the 1952 Republican presidential nomination and coasted to victory in the primary and general elections. He brought an end to the Korean War in 1953 and attempted to warm relations with the Soviet Union. His ‘atoms for peace’ initiative focused on harnessing nuclear energy for good rather than for destruction throughout the world.

At home, Eisenhower oversaw the desegregation of schools as well as the armed forces. His administration left an eternal footprint on the American landscape in the form of the Interstate Highway System. In his farewell address he coined the term ‘military-industrial complex,’ warning Americans of the defense industry’s pernicious effects on society. His two terms in office were marked by stability, prosperity, and international prestige.

Attacking Strategies[]

  • General Eisenhower can tank up defensive damage and deal damage to enemy defenses/Troops.
  • If you are attacking without Tanks with your Troops, General Eisenhower can take up some of the damage, and is best used to take out Mortar fire. Beware not to rally your troops with General Eisenhower to a Mortar that can still hit your troops, since General Eisenhower will be the only one left alive.


Level Hitpoints Health icon DPS Damage DPS against Generals Damage On Death General Eisenhower (Grounded)

Hitpoints Health icon

General Eisenhower (Grounded)

DPS Damage

General Eisenhower (Grounded)

DPS against Generals Damage

Troops/Army TroopSpace
1 ? ? ? General Eisenhower (Grounded) ? ? ? ?