“The General of the Armies rides into combat armed with his Enfield Rifle, summoning brave ranged infantrymen to fight by his side.”

General Information Edit

The General Pershing is an Event Troop from General of Armies Event, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics.

General Pershing

General of The Armies Event Large

Historical Description Edit

General John Joseph Pershing was a senior United States Army Officer during World War 1. He served as the Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces on the Western Front from 1917-1918. During World War I, the British and French demanded that the Americans be integrated into their armies, but General Pershing rejected this idea. He insisted that the American Expeditionary Forces (The AEF) would serve as a single unit under his command.

In September 1918, Pershing commanded the First Army, the oldest and longest established army in the United States, at the Battle of St. Mihiel. The Americans were finally able to capture the St. Mihiel salient that was held by the Germans for three years. When Germany called for the armistice, it was Pershing's opinion that the war should continue and that all of Germany should be occupied, so to permanently destroy German militarism.

General Pershing was the only American to receive the rank of General of the Armies in his lifetime. The only other individual to achieve this rank was George Washington, who was granted it posthumously.

Statistic Edit

Level Hitpoints Health icon DPS Damage DPS against Defenders Damage Training Cost Troops/Army TroopSpace
631,4601,2788,947 -1
856,9312,33216,324 -1
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