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German Flag With Coat of Arms

Bundesflagge und Handelsflagge. The Flag of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Germans is one of 8 nations in the mobile game of DomiNations. They have the Improved Rally and Attacking ability.

Building Style North European
Unit Style North European
Strategy Offensive

Nation Powers

Improved Rally and Attacking

  • Decreases the cooldown on Rally by 5 seconds
  • Increases the duration of Rally by 100%
  • As of Version 3.0.150, German players gain a 15% attack bonus upon a victory (applies to both war and multiplayer)

Tip: The Teutonic Fury is an exclusive Tactic of the German Nation. It applies to all deployed attack troops, however it is not added directly to your Troop stats in your base. Once you win a battle, the Teutonic Fury will apply to the next attack you will make, be it a multiplayer attack or world war.

Benefits and Disadvantages


  • Has a tactical advantage as this nation is able to use the Rally command more frequently in battle
  • Once the Rally speed bonus effect becomes available its effects last longer, allowing troops to cross distances more quickly
  • 15% attack bonus after a victory allows German troops and planes to have the highest damage output of all Nations
  • Speed Rally are very useful for this nation, (To speed rally simply rally onto a building that is about to be destroyed)


  • Although this nation receives an improved Rally option, it must be used tactfully in order to be of any benefit
  • This nation lacks any additional economic or defensive bonuses

Unique Units

The German unique assault heavy infantry unit has 20%+ damage than standard assault heavy infantry units they replace. Click the images to go to the pages on the troop specified.