The Ghigau is the special unit for the Cherokee unlocked in the embassy and can only be used in world wars.

Ghigaus are strong against most enemies, but only deal half damage to Walls.

Historical Description Edit

In Cherokee society, the title of ghigau is awarded to women who have performed an exceptional service for the tribe. They receive many honors, rights and responsibilities, such as a vote in the General Council and control over the fate of prisoners condemned to death. Ghigau can be translated as either 'beloved woman,' or 'war woman,' and some earned the tile by leading Cherokee forces to victory after their husbands died in battle. One such woman, known as Nan'yehi or Nancy Ward, became an important leadership figure for many decades starting in the 1750s. She negotiated with American settlers and passed on skills she learned from them like spinning, weaving and animal domestication.

Statistics Edit

Level Hitpoints Damage per second DPS Against Walls
1 1,573 748 374
2 1,809 860 430
3 2,220 1,056 528
4 2,360 1,100 550
5 2,517 1,144 572
6 2,892 1,261 630
7 3,328 1,452 726
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