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General Information[]

Goals are given by the advisor Pompus the Wise during the game. They give small rewards of a few Crowns on completion. Achievements are similar, but don't appear until the Iron Age. There are two types of Goals: standard Goals and timed Goals. Goals help players to progress linearly from Age to Age. Three Goals can be seen at a time. If other Goals further down the queue are completed, they cannot be cleared from the queue until earlier Goals are completed.

List of Goals[]

Minimum Age Name Description Completed description Reward Icon Crown
? Plunder! Win a Multiplayer battle. ? 2
? ? You recruited mercenaries from the campfire! 2
? ? You cleared a forest! 2
Further Expansion ? You cleared 3 more forests! 2
Further Expansion ? You cleared 3 more forests! 2
Huting Like Crazy Collect 3,000 food by hunting deer and boar. You hunted deer and boar for at least 3,000 food! 2
Fur Factory Collect 3,000 gold by hunting bunnies, foxes, or bears. You collected pelts worth 3,000 gold! 2
Stone Age Run of the Mill Build a Mill and upgrade it to level 2. ? 2
Iron Age The Alliance Gate Repair the Gate. ? 2
Upgrade Alliance Gate Upgrading the Alliance Gate increases the amount of troops you can donate. Upgrade it now! You upgraded the Alliance Gate. 2
Participate in a World War Rally with your alliance members and fight in a World War! ? 4
Medieval Age Moving through the Ages unlocks new Buildings and bonuses! Advance to the Medieval Age at your Town Center. You advanced to the Medieval Age! 3
Upgrade a Garrison ? You upgraded a Garrison to level 2! 1
Upgrade a Mercenary Camp ? You upgraded your Mercenary Camp! 1
Recruit Mercenaries ? You recruited Mercenaries 3 more times! 1
Recruit an Army Size matters. Build another big army. Train 65 Troops at your Barracks. ? 2
Collecting Tribute ? You won 5 more Multiplayer battles! 2
Three Towers ? You upgraded at least 3 Towers to level 2! 2
A Strong Wall is a Happy Wall An upgraded wall is a strong wall, and a strong wall is a happy wall. Upgrade at least 10 Walls to Level 3. You have at least 10 level 3 Walls! 2
Render Unto Caesar Go kill some stuff. Win 5 Multiplayer battles. You won 5 more Multiplayer battles! 2
Recruit an Army Be all that you can be. Train 65 Troops at the Barracks. You trained another 65 Troops! 2
Tower Upgrade ? You have at least 3 level 3 Towers! 2
City Walls ? You have at least 40 Walls! 2
Raiding Party Win 5 Multiplayer battles. It's the right thing to do! You won 5 more Multiplayer battles. 2
Recruit an Army War is the answer! Train 65 Troops at the Barracks. You trained another 65 Troops! 2
Build a War Academy ? You built a War Academy! 2
Acquire a War Tactic ? You acquired a War Tactic! 2
Use a War Tactic Use a War Tactic in battle to give your army an edge. ? 2
Classical Age Ambushel and a Peck ? You built an Ambush Trap! 2
Build a Ballista Tower ? You built a Ballista Tower! 2
War Academy Upgrade ? You upgraded your War Academy to Level 2! 2
Wonder of the World Let's build another Wonder of the World! You built another Wonder of the World! 3
Medieval Age Build a Castle ? You built a Castle! 2
Train a General Train a General at your Castle to lead your armies in battle. You trained a General! 2
Upgrade War Academy You can also unlock upgrades to your War Tactics at the Blacksmith by upgrading your War Academy. Make it so. You upgraded your War Academy to level 3! 2
Upgrade a War Tactic Use your Blacksmith to upgrade a War Tactic to level 2. You upgraded a War Tactic to level 2! 2
Upgrade a General ? You upgraded a General to level 2 at the Blacksmith! 2
Level 3 General ? You upgraded a General to level 3 at the Blacksmith! 2
Diplomatic Mission ? You repaired the Embassy! 3
Form a War Coalition ? You formed a War Coalition 3
Seaport ? You have a level 4 Dock! 2
Captain's Orders Generals can provide even greater Expedition rewards! Launch an Expedition with a General You launched an expedition with a General! 3
Gunpowder Age Embassy Upgrade Upgrade your Embassy to level 2 to unlock an additional War Coalition. You upgraded your Embassy! 3
Build a Redoubt ? You built a Redoubt! 2
Explosives Experts Mortars excel at destroying buildings behind walls! Research Mortars at your Blacksmith. You researched Mortars! 2
Train Mortars There is no faster way to demolish a town than by using lots and lots of exploives. Train 3 Mortars now. You've rained 3 Mortars! 2
Wonder of the World Let's build another Wonder of the World! You built another Wonder of the World! 3
Enlightenment Age Construct an Oil Refinery ? You constructed an Oil Refinery! 2
Construct an Oil Well A modern society only runs as well as its oil. Construct an Oil Well. You constructed an Oil Well! 2
Oil Well Upgrade Upgrade your Oil Well to level 2. You have a level 2 Oil Well! 2
Construct a Facctory ? You built a Factory! 2
Gatling Guns Light 'em up! Train 5 Gatling Guns. You have trained 5 Gatling Guns! 2
Unlock Guerrillas ? You unlocked Guerillas! 2
Industrial Age Construct an Airstrip Construct an Airstrip to build and house planes. It's in the 'ARMY' section of the store. You built an Airstrip! 2
Train Biplanes Planes give you you an aerial advantage in battle. Train 3 Biplanes. You have trained 3 Biplanes 2
Unlock Zeppelins Zeppelins drop bombs! Upgrade your Airstrip to level 2 to unlock this unit. ? 2
Construct an Air Defense Construct an Air Defense to protect your nation against the new threat of aircraft. ? 2
Industrial Technology Research an Industrial Age technology! You've researched an Industrial Age technology! 2
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