General Information Edit

Gold Deposit

A Gold Deposit is a naturally occurring Building. There is a chance of uncovering one after clearing a Forest. Like the Gold Mine, you can use two citizens to mine Gold from it. But unlike the Gold Mine which replenishes indefinitely, you can only mine gold from Gold Deposits three times. Gold Deposits cannot be raided so you can hoard them as long as you want.

Base StatisticsEdit

Type Mining Reward Gold icon Chance at Metal Citizens

Required Citizen


Time Watch


of Times

Gold Deposit1,000 40% 2 20s 3
Large Gold Deposit10,000 50%
Vast Gold Deposit 50,000 60%


These modify the base statistics above

Pottery Edit

  • Chapter 1: +5% mining rewards.
  • Chapter 2: +10% chance at Metal.
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