Gold Mine

“There's gold in them there hills!”


  • The Gold Mine provides Gold for the player.
  • All the Gold Mines are found by clearing Forests, except for the third one, which must be bought with food.
  • The time to replenish increases every time you upgrade your Town Center.
  • The Gold Mine has a chance to produce Metal every time you collect from a mine.
  • The Hanging Gardens wonder reduces the collect time by 50%, the regeneration time by 20% and increases the gather amount by 20% once placed in the wonders radius.
  • You can use Crowns to prospect Gold Mines early, allowing you to extract Gold from them at once.


Variables that Affect the Base Statistic (These Boosts are not included in the Info Below or shown in brackets)
Research at the Library confers these bonuses to Gold Mines:
  • Pottery Chapter 1: Increases resources from Fruit Trees and Gold Mines by 5%
  • Pottery Chapter 2: Increases chance of finding Cider and Metal by 10%
  • Exploration Chapter 5: +1 Gold Mine (must be bought at the store for 550,000 food)

Emperor Moctezuma at the University confers these bonuses to Gold Mines:

  • Mining & Gathering Time: Decrease time to collect by +18% (5 levels)
  • Mining & Gathering Yield: Increase gather amount by +20% (5 levels)
Age Number Available Time Needed to Replenish Watch Harvest Time Watch Citizens Required Citizen Harvest Amount Gold icon Chance at Metal Metal Found
Dawn Age 1 5m 8s 2 ~50 0% ?
Stone Age 2 10m 20s ~200 20% ?
Bronze Age 30m ~500 40% ?
Iron Age 1h ~1,000 1-2?
Classical Age 2(3)1h 20m ~1,800 40% (50%) 2-3
Medieval Age 2h ~3,000 2-3
Gunpowder Age 2h 40m ~5,00050% (60%) 3-6
Enlightenment Age 4h ~8,000 4-6
Industrial Age ~10,000
Global Age

VIP Bonuses Edit

Building Upgrade Resource Cost

  • Level 9 : 5%
  • level 12 : 10%
  • level 15 : 15%

Parliament Edit

Base Financing: Economic

  • Reduce cost of Economic building upgrades by 1,000 ~ 85,000 Food/Gold (to a minimum of Free)
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