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Researches from Great Leaders give bonuses statistics or additional ability to your Base and Units. Though they may take some time to research but benefits gained on the long go are well worth it, you just need to prioritize some of them and do them in the right order,

General Information[]

Researches from Great Leaders can be found at the University, which becomes available in the Gunpowder Age. Each research has multiple Chapters each with multiple levels to be researched separately and cost increasing amounts. Researching takes time, requires certain number of available Citizens and requires either Gold, Food, or Oil. Some require earlier research to be completed to at least certain level before it can be started.

Great Leaders List[]

There are 16 Great leaders. Their techs are available at various ages.

Great Leader Age required for first tech Age required to complete
Mansa Musa Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age
Chief Hiawatha Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age
Emperor Moctezuma Gunpowder Age Industrial Age
Leonardo da Vinci Gunpowder Age Global Age
King Sejong Gunpowder Age Global Age
Catherine the Great Gunpowder Age Global Age
Sultan Saladin Gunpowder Age Global Age
Suleiman the Magnificent Gunpowder Age Global Age
Hannibal Barca Gunpowder Age Industrial Age
Harriet Tubman Gunpowder Age Atomic Age
Empress Wu Zetian Gunpowder Age Atomic Age
Amelia Earhart Industrial Age Atomic Age
Emperor Haile Selassie Global Age Cold War Age
Sally Ride Enlightenment Age Space Age
Sun Tzu Cold War Age Information Age
Nikola Tesla Drone Age Drone Age