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“Lobs explosive shells high into the air to destroy enemy defenders from long range.”

The Guard Mortar is a level 2 standard Mortar Infantry unit unlocked in the Enlightenment Age. Its predecessor is Mortar and can be upgraded to the Trench Mortar.

Historical Description[]

Historical Description in Dominations:

'The Queen she sent to look for me,

The sergeant he did say,

'Young man, a soldier will you be

For thirteen pence a day?'

For thirteen pence a day did I

Take off the things I wore,

And I have marched to where I lie,

And I shall march no more...

And I shall have to bate my price,

For in the grave, they say,

Is neither knowledge nor devicenNor thirteen pence a day.'

-'Grenadier', A.E. Houseman