"Well-armed and plentiful, these troops are effective at tearing down enemy buildings"

The Halberdier is a level 7 standard Heavy Infantry unit unlocked in the Gunpowder Age. Its predecessor is the Pikeman and it can be upgraded to the Fusilier. It is researched in a level 6 armory.

General InformationEdit

  • Halberdiers can damage buildings very easy and quickly. They are also good against cavalry.
  • Halberdiers would attack the closest building on front of them but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • Halberdiers can get destroyed easily by Splash Damage Structures such as mortars.
  • Halberdiers are weak against other infantry.

Historical Description Edit

"The versatile halberd is an axe on a long shaft, topped with a very sharp spike. Popular during the 14th and 15th centuries, this curious weapon could be used to fight spearmen, pushing them back or hacking at their spears with the axe, while the spike on the other side of the axe was useful for hooking cavalrymen and dragging them off of their mounts."


Mediterranean:Similar to a Conquistadores, with gold armour and Spanish like helmet.

North European: A War of the Roses soldier, with steel Armour.

Oriental: looks very Asian which is really cool

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • If used in large groups; halberdiers can be devastating and can destroy a base easily; if not in heavy fire.
  • Mortars are devastating against halberdiers and can kill a group of them in a few hits if in the range of the impact. Spread your halberdiers around so the catapult would have to hit each halberdiers to kill it and that its impact would not affect other halberdiers as well or deploy a few heavy cavalry to destroy it.
  • Use ranged infantry such as arquebusiers to support halberdiers.
  • Halberdiers can be used as a distraction for many defenses and can help protect ranged infantry such as arquebusiers from heavy fire from defenses.

Defensive Strategies Edit

  • The level 6 garrison can train up halberdiers to help defend the village from attackers. Put the garrison defended and inside walls. That way, the garrison can train halberdiers without getting attacked for a short amount of time. It is suggested that a garrison should be close to the Acropolis since training halberdiers would be more quicker than usual.
  • The level 3 ambush trap deploys halberdiers when triggered by enemy troops are too close to it. It is suggested to put in areas where enemies may deploy in heavy cavalry.


  • This weapon is still used today with ceremonial purposes by some traditional military organizations. The most notable examples are The Vatican Swiss Guard and the Spanish Royal Halberd Guards.
  • Basically, a halberd is just a hybrid (combination) of a battle-axe and a spear.
  • A halberd is also known as a Swiss voulge.
  • The Oriental version uses a spear, not a halberd.