“Lobs explosive shells high into the air to destroy enemy buildings from long range.”

The mle 27/31 Heavy Field Mortar is a level 5 standard Mortar Infantry unit unlocked in the Atomic Age. Its predecessor is Field Mortar and can be upgraded to the Elite Field Mortar.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

The French engineer Edgar William Brandt improved on the WW 1-era Stokes Trench Mortar with the mle 27/31, released in 1927 and updated four years later. This model was widely used in WW2 by first the French, then the Germans who produced it in a number of occupied territories. It ended up being the basis for many future designs like the 1935 American 81mm M1, which saw action in WW2 and Korean War. Both of these models weighed well over 100 pounds when put together but were still considered light enough to be carried - in a few parts - by infantrymen.

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