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“For when you absolutely must have the biggest tank on the battlefield. With much greater armor and firepower, it easily dispatches smaller tanks while absorbing tremendous punishment. However it has a very high population cost and the slow rate of fire can cause it to be bogged down by overwhelming odds.”

Heavy Tank Mk.12 is a standard level 12 Heavy Tank unit unlocked in Information Age. Its predecessor is Heavy Tank Mk.11.

Historical Description[]

The first Russian tank of the post-Soviet era was the T-90. Entering production in 1993, it combined the hull of the reliable T-72 with the turret of the higher-quality but more expensive T-80. The model displays both the good and bad characteristics of traditional Russian tank designs. For example, its low profile makes it harder to spot and hit, while ammo being stored in the main compartment presents a lethal explosive hazard to the crew. The use of an autoloader in place of a human loader may or may not be an advantage depending on the circumstances.

Like all main battle tanks, the T-90 balances mobility, firepower, and protection. It scores particularly high in the last category. In addition to conventional plating and explosive reactive armor, the model sports a system called Shtora-1 that jams missile guidance and laser rangefinders. T-90s have seen combat during the 2010s in Ukraine and Syria. Among the handful of foreign importers, the most notable is India, which has purchased over 600 and obtained the right to locally manufacture 1,000 more.

the troop space reduces to 24 when researched 1