“For when you absolutely must have the biggest tank on the battlefield. With much greater armor and firepower, it easily dispatches smaller tanks while absorbing tremendous punishment. However it has a very high population cost and the slow rate of fire can cause it to be bogged down by overwhelming odds.”

SU-152 is a standard level 4 Heavy Tank unit unlocked in Atomic Age. Its predecessor is Heavy Tank Mk.3 and can be upgraded to Heavy Tank Mk.5.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

Though heavy tank were eclipsed by the main battle tank in the postwar period, some new designs were still produced in the 1950s. The last and best Soviet heavy tank was the IS-10 (Iosef Stalin), renamed T-10 after Stalin's death. It came equipped with thick armor, infrared night vision and a machine gun in addition to its main cannon. The Egyptian Army employed some T-10s during the Six Day War and the model remained part of the Soviet arsenal into the 1990s".

The SU-152 was a Soviet heavy self-propelled heavy howitzer used during World War II. It mounted a 152 mm gun-howitzer on the chassis of a KV-1S heavy tank. Later production used the IS tank chassis and was re-designated as the ISU-152. Because of its adopted role as an impromptu heavy tank destroyer capable of knocking out the heaviest German armoured vehicles (Tiger and Panther tanks, and Elefant tank destroyers), it was nicknamed Zveroboy: "beast killer".however,it have several flaw,its gun have very bad rate of fire,only around minute per round,also it have bad accuracy,hit target over 500m must relied on luck.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Heavy Tank Mk. 4 is based on ISU-152, a heavy tank destroyer that used the hull of the IS-2 heavy tank

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