Hessian Cavalry
Hessian Cavalry
Health 7,950 Health icon
Damage per second 180
Range Melee
Strength Tough, good against Catapults
Weakness Ballista Towers, Spike Traps
Favorite Targets Defensive buildings
Required Goods 1 Diamond
6 Metal
General Information
Mercenary Camp Level 7
Army Size 1
Troop Type Mercenary Heavy Cavalry

The Hessian Cavalry is a Mercenary Heavy Cavalry available at Mercenary Camp level 7. The previous mercenary of this type is the Templar Knight.

Description Edit

"Hesse is a region of Germany. During the 18th century, many Hessian soldiers were 'rented' out by their leader Frederick II - most notably to fight for Great Britain during the American Revolution. Since by this period muskets had rendered metal armor all but useless, the Hessian cavalry fought as 'hussars,' lightly-armored cavalry designed to scout enemy positions, harass skirmishers and artillery, and rout faltering infantry units. After the American Revolution the British used Hessian troops in Northern Ireland, which they probably didn't enjoy much either."