“Helicopters harass enemy defenses from long range. They're much more mobile than ground-based siege weapons (and able to fly over walls), but have low hitpoints and weaker weapons.”

The Honored Attack Helicopter is a level 4 standard Attack Helicopters unlocked in Digital Age. Its predecessor is Elite Attack Helicopter. It is researched in the level 13 Armory.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Honored Attack Helicopter is used to directly attack enemy defensive buildings, ignoring obstacle or buildings by flying over it.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

Since the 1980s, the AH-64 Apache has been a key piece of the American war machine. It replaced the Bell AH-i Cobra that had demonstrated the value of attack helicopters in Vietnam. Apaches were first deployed to Panama in 1989 during Operation Just Cause. They netted hundreds of kills during the Gulf War, with the crew of the only downed airframe surviving the crash. The U.S. and its allies brought them to Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Controversially, Israel sometimes uses Apache-launched missiles for assassinations.

The most distinctive feature of the Apache is its Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System, which allows the pilot or gunner to aim the chain gun by simply moving their head. However, its primary armament is the laser-guided Hellfire missile. These are used to take out enemy tanks, radar installations, or other large targets. Survivability is a serious concern for attack helicopters since they fly low and are often exposed to fire. The Apache's solution to this is to provide multiple redundant systems, preventing any single hit from knocking offline.

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