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“These raiders go straight for enemy resources and deal 6x damage against them.”

Honored Motorcycle Raider is a level 12 standard Raiders unit unlocked in the Digital Age. Its predecessor is Valiant Motorcycle Raider. It is researched in a level 13 Armory.

General Information[]

  • Honored Motorcycle Raiders are good against resource buildings; doing up to 400% more damage.
  • Honored Motorcycle Raiders would attack the closest resource building but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • Honored Motorcycle Raiders are weak against defensive buildings.

Historical Description[]

The Harley-Davidson WLA continued to serve the United States and her allies throughout the Korean and Vietnam wars.They were used typically used as messengers,reconnaissance and motor convoy escorts.However,during the second battle of Seoul in 1950,the 17th Mortorcycle Regiment of the U.S. Army demonstrated the WLA'svalue in urban combat when they routed the North Korean and retook the capital.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Space Age unit upgrade.


Attacking Strategies[]

  • If a base has full resource producers such as the farm or caravans, use Honored Motorcycle Raiders against them so you can reap all of its resources.
  • If resource storage buildings such as the mill or market has a lot of loot, try bring in an army composition of Honored Motorcycle Raiders and recall them to destroy them.
  • Surprisingly, Honored Motorcycle Raiders are strong against enemy infantry and can hold up a lot until they fall.
  • When battle commenced, an army's Honored Motorcycle Raiders might be used in a flanking maneuver to seek out enemy stores and loot them.

Defensive Strategy[]

  • Honored Motorcycle Raiders make good alliance troops. When the enemy spawns troops and the heavy horse raiders will rush to the scene to deal with them. They have a lot of hitpoints and thus; it will fall when there are too many enemies to deal with.