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“While their shots do little at enemy buildings, these troops are experts at dealing enemy foot troops. These unique British troops do more damage and have +1 range!”

Honored RGJ Rifleman is a British level 13 unique Ranged Infantry unit unlocked in Digital Age. Its predecessor is Elite RGJ Rifleman. This British unique unit replaces Honored Rifleman. It is upgraded in level 13 Armory.

General Information[]

  • Like all ranged infantry, Honored RGJ Rifleman can kill enemy infantry easily and quickly, as they have 4 times the damage to enemy infantry.
  • Honored RGJ Rifleman aren't efficient against enemy cavalry and buildings.
  • Honored RGJ Rifleman are ranged units and can destroy buildings over walls.
  • Honored RGJ Rifleman would attack the closest building on front of them but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • If there are enemy units nearby, Honored RGJ Rifleman would attack them.
  • As a British unique unit, Honored RGJ Rifleman has 15% more damage and +1 more attack range than regular Ranged Infantry.

Historical Description[]

Until the 1970s, the service weapon of the Italian Army was the Beretta BM59. This was a modified version of the M1 Garand that U.S. troops carried in World War II and Korea. The BM59 was a battle rifle, meaning a semi-automatic weapon that fired large cartridges from detachable magazines at long range. While battle rifles had become popular in the postwar period, in the seventies they were overtaken by assault rifles, which were lighter and built for close or midrange combat. For Italy, that meant the Beretta AR70.

The model was introduced in 1972 and was upgraded to the AR70/90 in 1985. It was designed to be a conventional NATO assault rifle, firing 5.56x45mm cartridges and accepting any standard rail-mounted accessory. A flash hider and grenade were included by default. Italian infantry are still equipped with the AR70/90, though the Beretta ARX160 and its derivatives are expected to replace it. The model has been exported all over the world, including to Mexico, Egypt, and Nigeria.



Attacking Strategies[]

  • Honored RGJ Rifleman has low health; making them vulnerable to defenses. Use Heavy Infantry as meat shields to protect the Honored RGJ Rifleman.
  • Honored RGJ Rifleman is cheap and can be used to set off hidden enemy traps.
  • Use Honored RGJ Rifleman to protect heavy infantry from other infantry so your Heavy Infantry won't get distracted.
  • Since Honored RGJ Rifleman can deal more damage to foot troops, bringing some along with Heavy Infantry and/or Heavy Cavalry will help deal with pesky defending foot troops!
  • Make sure to keep the Honored RGJ Rifleman behind your 'meat shields' or away from danger.

Defensive Strategies[]

  • Honored RGJ Rifleman can be used as good Alliance Troops. One example is that they can shoot over walls to attack troops of the attackers forcing the troops to destroy the wall to kill them. Another thing is that they're good against other Heavy Infantry.