“These heavily-armored units will attack defensive buildings, distracting them at close range while your other troops do the damage”

The Horseman is the level 1 standard Heavy Cavalry unlocked in Iron Age. It can be upgraded to the Cataphract. It is researched in a level 3 blacksmith.

General InformationEdit

  • Horseman are front runners among all troops, with a great deal of hitpoints they can endure more than any other troop. To compensate for their strength in taking damage, they deal low damage themselves and cannot win battles unless they are supported by stronger troops.

Historical Description Edit

"Horses have appeared on battlefields throughout history. The invention of paired stirrups (credited to the Jin Dynasty of China in the 2nd century CE) really brought cavalry to prominence, giving mounted warriors far greater stability when wielding bow or spear."

Visuals Edit

North European: Has celtic cavalry armour, bronze chest-plate and helmet.

Mediterranean: Bronze armour with a small plume, and has a shield with a boss, used for ramming enemies.

Oriental: Grey tunic, iron spear and shield.

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • Horsemen have a lot of health but are slow and have low attack power, so don't send them in alone.
  • Horsemen are weak against many defenses grouped together.
  • When pushing for trophies, you would need to destroy the Town Center. In many bases, the town center would be in the center of the base. First, train up an army of horsemen. When attacking, deploy all your horsemen in the areas which the Town Center is more close to. If there are a few defenses blocking the way, destroy them. Then rally your horsemen to destroy the Town Center.
  • Horsemen would ignore defensive troops and would pursue their targets which are defensive buildings. However, if a defensive troop attacks the horsemen, the horsemen will attack back until the defensive troop is killed; thus making the horsemen distracted. Try to use and deploy ranged infantry such as composite bowmen or heavy infantry such as hoplites after deploying the horsemen to eliminate the defensive troops.

Defensive Strategies Edit

  • Horsemen is a good alliance troop due to its high health; making it longer to kill them. However, they take up 6 space in the alliance gate so it cannot be used in a level 1 Alliance Gate in the Iron Age (which can only hold 6 spaces) until it is upgraded to level 2 which is available in the Classical Age.

Trivia Edit

  • Until Heavy Infantry starts using guns, Heavy Calvary looks like Heavy Infantry on horseback, as long as the player's nation is not German, Japanese, French, Greek, or Roman.
  • All of the standard Heavy Calvary, like the standard Heavy Infantry, have different weapons, armor, and shields from each other, with the Mediterranean Heavy Calvary having bronze armor, a skinnier spear tip, and a shield with a boss; the North European one having steel, a fatter spear tip, and a rounder design; and the Oriental having darker material for the armor, a spear tip that's normal for real-life spear tips, and a steel shield with a small blue circle in the middle.
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