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"collect food, gold and oil to receive hwacha Armies and a bounty of food in celebration of Chuseok! Your stores will be overflowing with resources!

Historical Description[]

Japan's invasions of Korea in 1592 and 1597 are collectively known in Korea as the Imjin War. After unifying Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi developed a plan to attack the Ming Dynasty in China wich involved moving his army through Korea. When King Seonjo and the court of Joseon disrupted his invasion scheme by preventing his troops from passing through, Hideyoshi retaliated with full force and easily captured Hanseong and Pyongyang.

After the capture of Hanseong, King Seonjo fled to China to seek help. Towards the end of 1592, the Ming Dynasty began sending aid and troops to assist Korea in fighting Japan. Unlike the rest of it's military, Korea's navy was a strong force, due in part to it's brilliant leader Admiral Yi Soon Shin. He installed multiple cannons and hwacha rocket launchers on board each of his newly designed turtle ships, then challenged the Japanese fleet at the narrow sea of Uldolmok in 1597. There, his fleet of only 13 turtle ships defeated 133 Japanese warships. This clash drastically changed the war, and after Toyotomi Hideyoshi's death the following year, Japan and Korea reached a truce.


Recommending Buildings and Technologies[]

1. Caravan

2. Farm

3. Oil Refinery

4. Road