“The League of Nations was founded as a result of the Paris Peace Conference that ended the First World War.”

General Information Edit

Internationalism is a Level 7 Technology which increases the League rewards.

Statistics Edit

Chapter Requirements Cost Food Time Clock XP Gain Exp Description
1 Library lvl 7 +

Drilling or


1,100,000 4h 520 +10% League Food and Gold battle rewards.
2 2,200,000 1d 12h 760 +1 Trade Good rewards from the League boat.
3 3,300,000 3d 1,115 League boat arrives 1 hour sooner.
4 4,400,000 4d 3,947 +10% League Oil battle rewards
5 5,500,000 6d 4,935 +10% League Food and Gold battle rewards.

Notre Dame wonder reduces Library costs by 10%.

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