Irish Peacekeeper
Irish Peacekeeper
Health 646 Health icon
Damage per second 104
Damage vs Infantry 416
Damage Multiplier X4
Range 4
Strength Fast attack speed
Weakness Low damage vs. buildings
Favorite Targets Any
Required Goods 7 Metal
7 Fur
General Information
Mercenary Camp Level 11
Army Size 6
Troop Type Mercenary Missile Infantry

The Irish Peacekeeper is a mercenary available at Mercenary Camp level 11.

General Information Edit

These tenacious infantry fire rapidly at enemy defenders.

Historical Description Edit

In the years following its independence from Belgium, the Republic of Congo was embroiled in civil war. At the height of the Congo Crisis, the state of Katanga seceded from the Republic of Congo, prompting United Nations to deploy peacekeepers as 'impartial' military assistance to the Congolese forces. In response, the Katangese ambushed a contingent of UN troops based in the mining town of Jadotdville. The 155 Irish peacekeepers known as 'A Company' were able to hold for six days before running out of ammunition, despite facing nearly 5000 men armed with mortars and field artillery.