“Genghis Khan is a ranged cavalry general that will protect your base from enemy attacks. Every 12 hours he can be activated to join your army.”

General Information Edit

The Khan's Dais is an Events building from the Conquest! event, Chest, or Sales. It allows you to assign Genghis Khan Generals on offense or defense.

Historical Description Edit

"Temujin created the largest empire in the world by building a vast army set to unite the various tribes of the Mongols. Through his brilliant military tactics, merciless brutality and unparalleled understanding of his enemy's motivation, Temujin met with much early success. In 1206, following victories over rival Mongol tribes, the remaining tribal leaders agreed to peace and Temujin was given the title of "Genghis Khan" meaning Universal Ruler. Who will you conquer next?"

Statistics Edit

Building Statistics Edit

Level HP

Health icon

Troops Produced Last Stand Duration


11,400 Genghis Khan General 70% 7d

Defenders Statistics Edit

Level Required Hitpoints DPS Damage vs Generals Range Activated time Duration
1 Conquest! 13,800 (15,180) 380 (418) 2,280 (2,508) 5 12h 7d
2 14,087 (15,496) 414 (455) 2,484 (2,732)
3 14,375 (15,812) 476 (524) 2,856 (3,142)
4 15,995 (17,595) 636 (700) 3,822 (4,204)

(Hitpoints, DPS and Damage vs Generals in brackets is with 10% bonus from Leadership technology)

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