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The Koreans is one of 8 nations in the mobile game of DomiNations. It is the first non-vanilla and the first added nation to the game. They have the Exceptional Tradition ability.

Building Style Korean Oriental
Unit Style Oriental
Strategy Offensive, Defensive with Tubman completed

Nation Powers

Exceptional Tradition

  • An additional war tactic can be taken to battle (+1)
  • 10% of loot stolen by attackers will be refunded

Benefits and Disadvantages


  • An additional war tactic can help players attack more efficiently
  • The ranged Hwarang enables this nation to deal a lot of damage more quickly than other nations against both defenders and buildings
  • The ranged Hwarang is very effective in defense as they have a 4x multiplier and 40% more damage to enemy troops
  • Since 10% of raided loots are refunded by the nation's unique power, it can be good for saving up resources
  • With Harriet Tubman completed in University, riflemen spawned from houses are more powerful than other nations which makes this a good defensive nation choice for later Ages


  • No defensive bonuses besides its Command Post troops, although with Tubman completed in University they are spawned from houses (which is a Pro)

Unique Units

The Korean unique ranged infantry units has 40% more damage than standard ranged infantry units they replace. Click the images to go to the pages on the troop specified.



  • Big Huge Games had stated that the reason why they did the nation 'Koreans' was to celebrate the release of DomiNations in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.