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Kremlin Poster

“The Kremlin is a fortified complex located in Moscow near the Moskva River.”


The Kremlin is one of four wonders unlocked in the Industrial Age.

General Information[]

  • The Kremlin is a wonder that becomes available in the Industrial Age.
  • When your farms are destroyed in battle, defenders will spawn (heavy infantry).
  • This wonder will boost the health of nearby walls, gates and bastions. Placing it nearby an important set of defenses can stop marauding melee attackers from reaching key buildings.
  • Researching Ramparts will increase the effectiveness of this wonder.

In-Game Description[]

Increases health of nearby walls. Defenders will spawn from any of your farms destroyed in battle.


  • Much like the Civilization games and Rise of Nations, this wonder depicts St. Basil's Cathedral.
  • Kremlin is actually a fortress, which wouldn't usually fit a 5x5 square.


Size 5x5 squares
Boost Range 10 tiles
Wall Health Bonus +20%
Partisan defenders 2

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