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“The clever bird chooses the branch whereon to perch”

General Information[]

General of the Left

Historical Description[]

As a warlord during the second period of the Han Dynasty of China, Lü Bu was a legendary warrior but a poor leader known for his many betrayals. While serving as a registrar for the warlord Ding Yuan, he struck a deal with Yuan’s rival Dong Zhuo to murder his superior and defect, which allowed Zhuo to seize control of the Han central government. Lü Bu was handsomely rewarded and appointed first as Dong Zhuo’s Cavalry Commandant and later as General of the Household and Marquis of a Chief Village. Their relationship would not last long as Wang Yun, the Minister over the Masses, ultimately convinced Lü Bu to betray and kill Dong Zhuo in Chang'an. Lü Bu personally handed the execution, after which Dong Zhuo’s remaining allies sought vengeance and forced Lü Bu to leave the city.

In the following years, Lü Bu sought the allegiance of influential leaders, though most avoided any relationship with the notorious warlord due to his deceit-ridden past. In 197, he had a brief allyship with Cao Cao, a former adversary, because of their shared allegiance to Emperor Xian. The two exchanged letters in which they both expressed a strong desire to defend the Emperor, and Cao Cao even spent his personal gold reserves on creating Lü Bu’s official seal. Yet even this did not deter Lü Bu from betraying Cao Cao. In 198, the two warlords were battling again. Later that year, Lü Bu’s forces crumbled underneath him, with two traitorous generals capturing another two loyal generals in a successful attempt to surrender to Cao Cao. Lü Bu was not among them, and attempted to stand his ground one last time against Cao Cao at the White Gate Tower, but surrendered upon being entirely surrounded.

Even in Lü Bu’s final moments, he suggested to his captor, Cao Cao, that he be spared so he could turn on his former allies and assist Cao Cao’s army. Respecting Lü Bu as a fierce warrior, Cao Cao nearly accepted this offer until his ally Liu Bei reminded him of how dangerously temporary being an ally of the traitor is. Lü Bu was ultimately unable to sway his captor one last time and was executed alongside his captured subordinates.

Councilor Benefits[]

Primary Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Gold from Caravans +7% +8% +10% +12% +15%
Looted Resource Refund +11% +13% +15% +18%
Wall HP +11% +13% +16%
Defender Spawn Time -9% -12%
Invading Generals Attack Speed -12%

War Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Enemy Tower DMG -10% -11% -13% -15% -18%
Heavy Infantry DMG +9% +11% +13% +16%
Enemy Wall HP -11% -12% -16%
Heavy Infantry Attack Speed +9% +12%
Generals DMG +16%