Well-armed and plentiful, these troops are effective at tearing down enemy buildings. These unique German soldiers deal more damage!

The Landsknecht is a level 6 German unique Heavy Infantry unit unlocked in the Medieval Age. Its predecessor is the Heavy Vandal and it can be upgraded to the Heavy Landsknecht. It is researched in a level 5 blacksmith. It replaces the pikeman.

General InformationEdit

  • Landsknecht can damage buildings very easy and quickly. They are also good against cavalry.
  • Landsknecht would attack the closest building on front of them but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • Landsknecht can get destroyed easily by Splash Damage Structures such as catapults.
  • Landsknecht are weak against other infantry.
  • As a German unique unit, Landsknecht has 20% more damage than standard pikemen.

Historical DescriptionEdit

"Landsknecht were Germanic mercenary soldiers of the 15th and 16th centuries. In the 1500s an army of Landsknecht sacked Rome after their employer, the Holy Roman Empire, ran out of funds to pay them. (The lesson being: always pay the folks with the weapons.)"


Wears a helmet that covers their heads with a circular shield. They wear iron armor and have a beard which takes up most of the revealed face.

Attacking StrategiesEdit

  • If used in large groups; Landsknecht can be devastating and can destroy a base easily; if not in heavy fire.
  • Catapults are devastating against Landsknecht and can kill a group of them in a few hits if in the range of the impact. Spread your Landsknecht around so the catapult would have to hit each Landsknecht to kill it and that its impact would not affect other Landsknecht as well or deploy a few heavy cavalry to destroy it.
  • Use ranged infantry such as crossbowmen to support Landsknecht.
  • Landsknecht can be used as a distraction for many defenses and can help protect ranged infantry such as crossbowmen from heavy fire from defenses.

Defensive Strategies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Landsknecht would wear colorful armor and became a important fighting force in Europe in the Renaissance. They achieved being the universal mercenaries of Early-Modern Europe.
  • The name Landsknecht roughly translates to "servant of the land" or "land knight."
  • Historically, Landsknecht would use a variety of weapons, including firearms, but not the barbarian-looking battle axe they wield in the game.
  • The helmet they use in game isn't historically accurate either.