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“Sun Tzu was a famous Chinese general and the author of the military strategy book The Art of War.”

Leadership is a Level 5 Technology unlocked in the Enlightenment Age that improves the statistics of Generals, provides Generals a 2 defender retinue on defense, as well as increases the number of Generals you can use at the same time from 1 to 2.

General Information[]


Chapter Cost Oil icon Time Clock Exp Gain Exp Description
1 12,000 4h 520 Increases Generals' health by 10%
2 24,000 1d 760 Gives Generals a defender retinue (3) on defense
3 36,000 2d 1,115 Train a second General for battle or defense
4 48,000 3d 3,369 Increases Generals' attack by 10%
5 72,000 5d 4,465 +15% General attack against other Generals ( 7 times DPS instead of 6 )
  • Notre Dame wonder decreases the library research cost by 10%.