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Leonardo da Vinci

"Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 to humble parents in a small village in Tuscany, Italy. He received only basic formal education before apprenticing at the age of fourteen to the artist and sculptor Verrocchio in Florence (the greatest cultural center of the Renaissance).

In 1482, he began his career as an artist and engineer at the courts of Milan, Rome, Venice, and other major Italian city-states. Eventually he was invited to work in France, where he died in 1519.

Like his contemporaries, Leonardo saw no reason to separate art from science, and his talent in both was staggering. He painted the Mona Lisa - likely the most famous work of art ever created - as well as the Last Supper, and other masterpieces.

His mechanical sketches included apparent drawings of submarines, helicopters, tanks, and bicycles, none of which would be invented for centuries. He also left copious observations on a wide range of scientific fields, including; anatomy, optics, architecture, geology, botany, and more. Reportedly, he was even a skilled musician.

Perhaps due to the vast span of his interests, his actual accomplishments in any given field are surprisingly limited. One of the most famous painters of all time, he created fewer than two dozen paintings. A legendary inventor, most of his designs could not be constructed in his lifetime due to material or financial limitations.

This has not dampened his legacy. As a universal genius, the epitome of the 'Renaissance man,' Leonardo has arguably no equal in history."

University Level Technology Name Benefit per level Number of Levels Requirements Cost/Duration
1 Mortar Damage +3% Catapult and Mortar Damage 10 None
3 Citizen
Level CostGold icon Time
1 100k 1d
2 200k 2d
3 300k 3d
4 400k 4d
5 500k 5d
6 600k 6d
7 700k 7d
8 800k 8d
9 900k 9d
10 1,000k 10d
Total 16,500k 165d
1 Mortar Upgrade Cost -2% Catapult and Mortar build and upgrade cost 10 None
1 Mortar Hitpoints +3% Catapult and Mortar hitpoints 10 None
2 Marble Chance +1% chance of finding Marble from multiplayer victories 10 Mortar Damage Level 5

Mortar Upgrade Cost Level 5

4 Citizen
Level CostFood Time
1 200k 2d
2 400k 3d
3 600k 4d
4 800k 5d
5 1,000k 6d
6 1,200k 7d
7 1,400k 8d
8 1,600k 9d
9 1,800k 10d
10 2,000k 11d
Total 11,000k 65d
2 University Hitpoints +5% University Hitpoints 10 Mortar Hitpoints Level 5

Mortar Upgrade Cost Level 5

Level CostGold icon Time
1 100k 2d
2 200k 3d
3 300k 4d
4 400k 5d
5 500k 6d
6 600k 7d
7 700k 8d
8 800k 9d
9 900k 10d
10 1,000k 11d
Total 6,500k 65d
3 Ranged Siege Damage +3% damage of Ranged Siege troops 10 Marble Chance Level 5
5 Citizen
Level CostFood Time
1 300k 3d
2 600k 4d
3 900k 5d
4 1,200k 6d
5 1,500k 7d
6 1,800k 8d
7 2,100k 9d
8 2,400k 10d
9 2,700k 11d
10 3,000k 12d
Total 33,000k 150d
3 Ranged Siege Hitpoints +3% hitpoints of Ranged Siege troops 10 University Hitpoints Level 5
4 Sabotage Duration +3% Sabotage duration 10 Ranged Siege Damage Level 5

Ranged Siege Hitpoints Level 5

6 Citizen
Level CostFood Time
1 400k 4d
2 800k 5d
3 1,200k 6d
4 1,600k 7d
5 2,000k 8d
6 2,400k 9d
7 2,800k 10d
8 3,200k 11d
9 3,600k 12d
10 4,000k 13d
Total 22,000k 85d
5 Heavy Tank Damage +3% Heavy Tank damage 10 Sabotage Duration Level 5
7 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 5k 5d
2 10k 6d
3 15k 7d
4 20k 8d
5 25k 9d
6 30k 10d
7 35k 11d
8 40k 12d
9 45k 13d
10 50k 14d
Total 275k 190d
5 Heavy Tank Hitpoints +3% Heavy Tank hitpoints 10 Sabotage Duration Level 5
5 Polymath Reduce University Research Time by 10% 1 Total Skills Level 100
8 Citizen
Level CostOil icon Time
1 120k 14d
Total: 101
  • Cost:
    • 38,500k Gold icon
    • 44,000k Food
    • 650k Oil icon
  • Time: 734 days