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“XP is earned by completing permanent upgrades. The longer an upgrade takes, the more it's worth (even if completed early.) Your civilization level increases when you've earned enough XP, which helps unlock new ages.”

General Information[]

Levels are numbers for each player that indicates how strong and capable a player is, or how many buildings/technology/upgrades the player has. Each new player starts at Level 1. As you progress through the game, your Level will increase.

Your level can be increased by collecting Experience Points (XP). XP can be gained by constructing or upgrading Buildings, upgrading Troops & Tactics and researching Technology. Levels are used as one of the main requirement to upgrade your Town Center / City Center with each age having a higher level requirement than the last. The level requirements can be found below:

Age Minimum level required to upgrade to Exp
Dawn Age 0
Stone Age 0
Bronze Age 3
Iron Age 7
Classical Age 18
Medieval Age 29
Gunpowder Age 38
Enlightenment Age 60
Industrial Age 80
Global Age 130
Atomic Age 150
Cold War Age 180
Space Age 220
Digital Age 260
Information Age 300
Drone Age 333
Automated Age 370

The experience bar and the level of a player


  • Unlike Clash of Clans, you don't get Experience Points from clearing Obstacles or donating troops to Allies
  • The higher upgrade/research, usually gives less exp to time worked compared to lower level research
  • Xp and levels counts towards war weight
  • The University and Drone Directives does not give xp