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The Lunar New Year Event is underway! Collect Food, Gold, or Oil from Store purchases, battles, to receive the Guan Yu Army, Admiral Yi Army, Sholin Temple, and more! (Event lasts from 15:00 UTC 2/5/2019 until 15:00 UTC 2/12/2019)

Historical Description[]

Lunar New Year is the most important celebration in China and has been observed since the Shang Dynasty. The festival date is set according to the lunisolar calendar which accounts for both the phase of the moon and the solar year. Ordinary years have twelve months, but every second or third year adds a thirteenth embolismic or leap month.

The Chinese phrase for celebrating Lunar New Year is ‘Guo Nian’ which signifies ‘the passing of the beast.’ The Nian was a beast in Chinese mythology that lived under the sea or in the mountains. It attacked people and ate their crops during the spring. Since the Nian was said to be afraid of the color red and loud noises, people kept the beast away by setting off firecrackers and putting up red decorations like lanterns and scrolls. These traditions are still practiced today.

Another tradition is to give red envelopes of money to younger relatives or neighbors. It is common for these to contain eight yuan because the word for the number eight sounds the same as the word for wealth and prosperity. How prosperous can you make your nation?

Lunar New Year


Collect food, gold, and oil to receive Shaolin Temple

Step 1: Collect 10,000,000 Food, Gold, or Oil

Step 2: Collect 30,375,000 Food, Gold, or Oil

  • Reward: 700,000 Gold

Step 3: Collect 52,475,000 Food, Gold, or Oil

Step 4: Collect 75,550,000 Food, Gold, or Oil

  • Reward: 2,100,000 Food

Step 5: Collect 99,750,000 Food, Gold, or Oil

*Reward amount depends on age. The value above displayed in Cold War Age.