“This powerful howitzer is self-propelled, allowing it to keep up with the rest of your forces better than normal artillery.”

General Information Edit

The M109 Howitzer is an Event Troop from Events, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics.

M109 Howitzer Army

Historical Description Edit

The M109 is one of the most widely used self-propelled howitzers in history. It entered production in 1963 and saw service in Vietnam, the Yom Kippur War, the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War, and the Iraq War. The model’s mobile nature permits the use of 'shoot-and-scoot' tactics, where an artillery piece fires and then moves away from its position in order to avoid counterfire. The M109 design has been upgraded many times and remains in the armies of over a dozen nations today.

Statistic Edit

Level Hitpoints Health icon DPS Damage DPS against Defender Damage Training Cost Food Troops/Army TroopSpace
134627827 ?2
81,51094194 16,0004
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